GROWDENSE Is strongest hair serum of india in the year 2021. Why strongest , because it has 17 active ingredients . 5%Redensyl, 3% procapil, 2% anagain , acetyl tetrapeptide 3 , cu tripeptide, melatonin, L arginine , caffeine, lclt, saw palmetto , procyanidine, etc. Growdense is very strong hair serum , Only serum in india with 5% redensyl . EFFECT It is very effective in

1. Aggresive hair loss in young male and female

2. Hair loss in telogen effluvium .

3. In case minoxidil is not working or not suitable

4. Female pattern hair loss Hair regrowth During testing it was observed to have regrowth of 10% , it has hair regrowth potential , that we will come to know in coming time