Which Dermaroller is Best

To stop Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth you want to use a derma roller, but you are confused because there are different sized derma rollers available. Don't worry we will get you out of tangled strands.

Nothing's much difficult, there are 3 basic derma rollers - 0.25mm, 1mm, 1.5mm.

If you want to use a 0.25mm derma roller, use it twice a week. And if you are going to use a 1mm derma roller or 1.5mm derma roller, use it only once in 2 weeks.

Problem with Derma Roller

While Derma roller is known for absorption of Hair Regrowth Medicines, it gives a lot of pain to the users. Also, it gives minor bruises which take 2-3 days to recover. 

It is not possible to use Derma Roller daily, daily use of it leads to scalp damage and you will lose your Hair permanently.

That's why ADON HAIR CARE has made Balayantra for you.

Balayantra - Pain Free Hair Regrowth

Simply rolling Balayantra for 5 minutes on your head before applying Minoxidil will give you better results. Balayantra works by massaging your head and increases blood circulation in your scalp. 

Spiked teeth on its head apply pressure on the important points on the scalp, which also acts as acupressure. Increase in the blood flow in the scalp allows blood to circulate freely and absorb minoxidil faster than regular. Therefore, using balayantra before applying minoxidil will give you faster hair regrowth and better results.

Using balayantra daily for 5 minutes before will give you pain free hair growth.

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