In males it is often seen that their hairline recedes with their age. M- Shape in the hairline is quite normal as it is a sign of maturity in males. However, if the hairline receding exposes your scalp too much then that is the problem. Hairline receding is a gradual process. With time it keeps going beyond forehead and exposes the scalp part.

 Medicines or other procedures like PRP or Derma roller are usually not at all helpful in this case. Follicles in the hair line are not active, hence there is very less chance of regrowth in hairline. There will be hardly any growth even in the vellus hair or baby hair as their follicles are too weak. In this case the only option for regrowth is hair transplant. However, medicines like multivitamins and over the counter products might help in slowing the process of hairline receding. Also, maintaining lifestyle and diet will help in controlling the process of hairline receding.

It is believed that reason for hairline receding is hereditary and DHT. However, the exact proven reason is yet to be found. Hairline receding is also an evident sign of grade 1 Male Pattern Baldness. Hairline receding is very common in males after the age of 20. Males below the age of 25 cannot go for hair transplant surgery. So when they face hair line receding issue then they should resort for healthy lifestyle.

The main reason that medicines or any other procedures don’t work in this area is that, the pores on the hairline are closed. Medicines cannot open these pores and neither can they give regrowth. So the only option to regrow hair in the hairline is hair transplant surgery.