Some of the most common and short procedures easily available are P.R.P (platelet-rich plasma therapy) and micro-needling. They are effective for both men and women.

Platelet Rich Plasmatherapy(P.R.P)

Platelet Rich Plasma for short PRP is a technique of hair regrowth by using plasma in the blood of the patients. Therefore another name for this is vampire therapy. Plasma is a fluid that contains blood cells. Platelet also known as thrombocyte is present in plasma with other blood cells. They have a normal range of 1.5 lakh to 4.5 lakh. They are also responsible for the healing and clotting of blood. It releases growth factor that stimulates healing and repair of cells in our body. Hence, it increases hair regrowth and hair thickening. One of the research says that 7% of hematocrit and 1.8 to 2.5 times of PRP can also be effective in the process. Hematocrit is the amount of blood allowed to enter the PRP. However, this technique is not available in India and it is very costly. So doctors use 4 to 5 times of PRP. This hair loss treatment procedure does not have any side-effects.


Drawing Blood

In this procedure, from the patient’s arm, precisely from the antecubital fossa they take out blood in specialized tubes like a gel tube which is of 10 ml, and Dr. PRP tube which is of 20ml. The quantity of blood can be 10ml, 20ml, or 60ml and they contain anticoagulants to prevent blood from clotting. Different clinics and institutes use different machinery and costs vary accordingly.

Separating the blood cells- There are 3 steps in this process.
The first step (F1) is pre-cooling.

PRP machine should be at a temperature of 22oC as it is the best temperature for the PRP process.

Step two (F2) is of separation

Here, soft spin takes place. After this blood separates into three parts; in the bottom of the tube is RBC while the middle part is a buffy coat, which contains platelet-rich plasma and the uppermost part is platelet-poor plasma (PPP).
Buffy coat and platelet-poor plasma go for the next step.


Here, hard spin takes place. After this blood separates into two different parts. On the bottom of the tube, there is Platelet-rich plasma and the upper part is platelet-poor plasma.


PRP session.

Before injecting this platelet-rich plasma, doctors inject anesthesia in the pattern loss area then they inject PRP, to activate PRP calcium chloride is necessary but it gets dense on adding calcium chloride. So instead, they give derma roller at the end. This whole procedure takes one hour and patients can continue their daily routine after that.

PRP increases the thickness and regrowth of hair. You will not have any side effects if the procedure is done properly. However, the person who has a habit of smoking or consuming alcohol should not go for this therapy without informing the doctor about it beforehand. Also, you might want to consult your doctor if you are taking any blood thinners like aspirin. Some patients won’t see results after one session itself and they may be will have to go for more than one session.

However, this is one of the really effective therapy for the regrowth of hair in both men as well as women. It can only take place in the clinical setup. Micro-needling is a process one can do at home.

Derma Roller

What is Derma roller?

It is a tool that helps to stimulate collagen formation in the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth and helps in controlling hair loss. It is also efficient in thickening hair. This tool has a drum-shaped roller on one of its ends which consists of 192 needles in 8 rolls. Titanium and surgical grade stainless steel is necessary for making these needles and it has a layer of gold plate. These needles are available in sizes of 0.25mm to 1.5mm.

What is Micro-Needling

Needles pierce the stratum corneum layer of the scalp. This process is of micro-needling. This hair loss treatment procedure can be done at comfort at your home. However, it is better to get it done in a clinical set up.

How to Use Derma Roller?

Derma roller is used in horizontal, vertical, or oblique direction till point bleeding is seen on pattern hair loss area. It is easier to choose a small part and then uses a derma roller on it till the point-bleeding is seen, then move to another area and repeat the procedure. Micro-needling is not a permanent solution so one can use it once a week. It works best on androgenic alopecia. Patients can use it along with minoxidil, first person has to use a derma roller then wipe the area and apply minoxidil then again do a derma roller. It helps in the penetration of minoxidil. People with short hair should use 0.25mm derma roller needles and ones with long hair should use 1.5mm derma roller needles.
Women using derma roller should part their hair properly before using so that their hair doesn’t get entangled in the needle.

Where can we get Derma roller Session?

Derma roller can be done in clinical setup or at home. If someone is using a derma roller at home they should take necessary precautions like washing the derma roller before and after use in running water and with surgical spirit. One should change the derma roller after 8 weeks. Repeated use of derma roller can reduce the healing process and collagen formation will also not increase.

Such are some of the treatments that help in the regrowth of hair. This hair loss treatment procedure should take place in antiseptic conditions and with proper machinery.