Once you have set your mind to go for hair transplant, you should also prepare yourself for the after care your transplanted hair will need. It is very important to take care of hair after the transplant. The doctor will always gives some do’s and don’ts. It is important to follow everything step-wise. Also, it is important to take all the prescribed medicines properly.


Cover your Head

After transplant you should remember to cover your head with surgical cap or a bandana. It is important to avoid direct contact with sunlight after transplant. Also, covering your head ensures that there is no contamination in the transplanted region.

Moisturizing after Hair Transplant

After hair transplant it is important to moisturize you head to remove the scabs . It also helps in avoiding the dryness. While applying the moisturizer one should see to it that, you apply the moisturizer by patting gently over the area. You should apply it for at least 45 minutes.

Washing your head after Hair Transplant

After hair transplant you should wash or shower in a very slow running water and avoid scrubbing the area or applying the force on your recipient and donor region. Also, make sure you pat and dry it gently.

Taking Proper Rest

After hair transplant it is important that you take proper rest. It is important to rest while the effects of anesthesia and other medicines wears off. For a few days try to avoid strenuous tasks. After transplant one should sleep on their sides.

Proper Medications

This is important before as well as after transplant. Before and after transplant the doctor will prescribe you certain medications. You will have to follow those prescription properly so as to avoid any pain or other effects.


Saline Spray

You should apply saline spray after hair transplant to remove scabs.


Avoid Direct sunlight.

For a few days after transplant you should avoid coming in direct contact of harsh UV light as it can harm your scalp. So at least for 6 to 7 days cover your head from direct sunlight.

NO Smoking & NO Alcohol

After Hair transplant it is important to maintain your health. Also, after transplant since you are suppose to start the medication it is advisable to not consume alcohol or do smoking for few weeks.

No Hair Dyes

After hair transplant you should not use hair dyes at least for 6 months. The chemicals in the dyes can affect the growth of hair.

No Driving

One should avoid driving especially on the same day of transplant. It will be dangerous as they are under the effect of anesthesia.

Expectation After Hair Transplant.

After the transplant, hair of the implanted grafts will shed and the new hair will grow after that and their cycle will go as per normal. If your donor area is healthy the life span of your transplanted hair will be at least 10 to 15 years.