Hair products have become one of our daily necessities. Everyday there is a new commercial about another latest hair product that promises the better result than the previous ones. Even though some do fulfill their promises but they are not long lasting. However, now there is one such product that will promises to control your hair loss. Also, it will provide many other benefits like giving regrowth to some extent and helping in seborrheic dermatitis. Not only that but also, they will improve the quality of hair. And All of this without any side-effects!

Grow dense is one such medicine that you can trust for a long time. But Why? What does Grow dense contain? Ever got explanation for each ingredient in your hair product? Now your answer will be yes.

17 Molecules ofGrow dense Hair Serumand Their Role

There are 17 molecules in Grow Dense. All these molecules are derived from plants as their basic source. Grow Dense contains

Active Ingredients

1. Redensyl 5%:It is an active ingredient of Grow dense. It contains a compound extracted from plant called DHQG which is a molecule that can stimulate the stem cells of hair follicle. Hence, promoting hair growth.

2.Procapil 3%:It is also an active ingredient. This particular component acts as DHT blocker. It increases the strength of hair follicle and reduces the breakage of the strands.

3.Anagain 2%:It is also an active ingredient and it reduces hair loss and stimulates dermal papila cells to stimulate hair growth. It contains extract from basil that acts as a DHT blocker.

4. Acetyl tetra peptide 3:It is an active ingredient of Capixyl which is helpful in controlling hair loss. 

Other Ingredients

5.LCLT:L- carnitine L- tartrate is a combination of two amino acids that are naturally present in plants and animals. It helps in regrowth of hair by increasing multiplication of stem cells in the follicle and also decreasing apoptosis of the cell.

6. Caffeine: It is an alkaloid, which is naturally present in approximately 60 plant species; like, tea, cocoa, etc. It is seen that Caffeine is responsible for blocking DHT and improves texture of hair. It also increases blood circulation and stimulates roots of the hair follicle hence help in the growth and thickness of hair.

7.L- Arginine:It is an amino acid which is required to make protein. Protein rich diet like curd, cottage cheese, etc. It helps in moisturizing hair, protects them from getting damaged from bleach and prevents hair breakage. Also, it reduces hair loss.

8. Melatonin:It is naturally present in various fruits and vegetable. Though in a human body melatonin hormone stimulates sleep-wake cycle. However, Melatonin obtained from fruits and vegetables helps in increasing growth phase or anagen phase of hair follicle.

9. Cu- Tripeptide:This particular component is responsible for increasing follicle size and decreasing death of follicle. Hence it prevents hair loss.

10. Saw Palmetto: It is a palm tree found in Florida and southeastern states. It increases growth rate of hair.

11. Procyanidin: It is a naturally occuring flavanoid, presend in grapes, seed,etc. Topical application of Procyanidin helps in promotng hair regrowth.

12. Grape Seed Extract:It contains procyanidin and other flavanoids which helps in increasing growth of hair.

13. Nettle Root Extract:It is rich in silica and sulfur. Also, it has anti-oxidant property. Nettle root extract prevents breakage of hair.

14. Soy Isoflavones:It is known to block DHT. Also, it is effective in androgenetic alopecia

15.Horse Chest root extract:It is native tree of Balkan Peninsula. It is anti-inflammatory in function. Therefore, it is effective in seborrheic dermatitis

16.Vitamin E:As we already know how important vitamins could be. Vitamin E is essential for hair growth, as it supports the base of follicle and reduces oxidative stress. Also, it prevents lipid layer of the strands.

17.Rose Bay Extract:This ingredient is responsible for balancing pH level and oil level of the scalp. Also, it reduces dandruff causing fungus. Rose bay extract is important ingredient for seborrheic dermatitis.