In males, hair regrowth is the most common problem and the most common solution to this is Minoxidil and DHT Blocker. These are the two FDA approved drugs for Alopecia. As we already know minoxidil is a vasodialator and finasteride is a DHT blocker. No wonder there are many combinations of minoxidil and finasteride but Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X solution is an advance version of these combinations. This is a really progressive medicine for hair regrowth in males. Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5x is a new generation medicine. It not only gives better results but also less side-effects as compared to other combinations.

Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5x solution is quite similar to other combinations. At the same time it is unique and modern solution for Alopecia in males. In terms of effect, texture and composition; everything makes Adonsidil Finstrong a unique and reliable combination.


Contents of Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5XSolution

According to the studies5% minoxidilis as good as 10% minoxidil if not even better. So, 5% minoxidil in topical solution is the best if one wants to see good results. Therefore, Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X solution contains 5% minoxidl as one of the main content. Minoxidil helps in growing miniature hair and help with the thinning scalp.

The best companion of minoxidil is alcohol as it dissolves minoxidil really well. However, Alcohol causes dryness that leads to itching. In Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X solution has 40% absolute alcohol. The dryness caused by the alcohol, is balanced by the lipid base present in Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolution. The presence of alcohol and lipid helps to get rid of greasiness and itchiness. Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutioncontains penetration enhancer, which provides better penetration of the actives (minoxidil and finasteride) into the scalp giving faster regrowth.

Usually, in males the main two reasons of baldness is genetics and DHT. Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutionfocuses on these two main factors. It contains finasteride that blocks DHT. In other minoxidil-finasteride combinations, finasteride is in 0.1%. According to one of the research,0.25% topical solution of finasteridehas better effect for regrowing of hair. Also, finasteride in the blood after oral consumption is more than that of topical application of finasteride. The more finasteride in blood means more chances of the side-effects. Therefore, 0.25% topical finasteride in Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutionis beneficial to the people who want to avoid regular oral consumption of Finasteride. This concentration of finasteride gives more satisfying result and no sexual side effects.

Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X in Seborrheic Dermatitis

Now-a-days, Seborrheic dermatitis is very common problem. The one with this issue can not use alcohol based minoxidil. The reason for that is, alcohol can worsen the condition. However, alcohol based minoxidil is the best minoxidil. Therefore, in order to negate the side-effects caused by alcohol, Adonsidil finstrong 2.5Xsolutionhas lipid base. It prevents from worsening of seborrheic condition. Hence, even people with seborrheic condition can use this medicine. However, they will have to use some other medicines too to help them with seborrheic condition.

Common Effects of Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X Solution

When a person starts using minoxidil the first and most common effect they will see is early hair shedding.

Early hair shedding consist of increased hair fall due to adonsidil. It happens for almost 2 months but it varies from person to person. This happens because, Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X solution sheds the hair that are weak. It can also happen when the person who has used some other minoxidil or minoxidil-finasteride combination switches to Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5

Uncommon effects of Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X

Just like any other medicine, Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X solution has certain side-effects. However, this are not common and it entirely depends on the physique of the person. This happens when the person is hypersensitive. In case where the person has hypersensitivity, the medicines enter their bigger blood vessels that are connected to their eyes or other parts. This can lead to dizziness, head aches, and in some rare cases there is palpitation (increased heart beats). In such cases, the person can stop using Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutionand report to the doctor about the same. However, these are not the long lasting side-effects. Person might not feel the same side-effects once they reduce the use of Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutionor stop using it at once, as per doctor’s advice.

One of the reason for these side-effects is that Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutionis a very strong medicine. One can keep it under control by taking precautionary measures. Like avoiding excess excercise or going out right after the application of the medicine. Or going to sleep right after its application.

If one keeps in mind these precautions the Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5Xsolutionis indeed an advance and strong solution for Alopecia in Males.