Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X


Hairloss treatment medicines always have two basic components; one is minoxidil and another one is finasteride. These medicines have a particular dosage approved by the FDA. In trichology, there are many brands that have a combination of minoxidil and finasteride. These combinations usually have 5% minoxidil and 0.1 mg finasteride in a topical solution.

In July 2014 international journal of clinical pharmacology and Therapeutics published a study. According to this study, 5% minoxidil in combination with 0.25% finasteride in a topical solution was proven to be more effective than any other combination. This medicine has many more perks like it has alcohol and lipid base, so it is suitable in cases of both types of the scalp being dry or greasy. Lipid and alcohol balance each other out.

Adonsidil Finstrong is effective in patients who have seborrheic dermatitis, have androgenic alopecia, or patients who have problems with DHT. This medicine helps in covering density in the mid-scalp and crown region. The lipid base of Adonsidil Finstrong helps with scalp irritation.

Side-effects of Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X

Like any other medicine, Adonsidli Finstrong also has certain side effects. Patients may feel headaches, Dizziness, fast palpitation, itching, etc. There could be several reasons for why the patient is facing such side effects; one of the results could be that patient is using more than the necessary amount of the medicine. Another reason could be that the person is not cleaning their forehead and hands before and after the use of Adonsidil Finasteride. These side effects also happen if the patient is directly going to sleep, work or gym after the application of this medicine. Patients should let the medicine get absorbed for at least an hour or two before resuming their daily routine. But in cases where someone is still facing these side-effects even after taking all the precautions then they can be hypersensitive to the minoxidil.

Hypersensitiveto Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5x

Someone who is hypersensitive to minoxidil face side effects. In case of such patients, the medicine gets into the main or bigger arteries that could lead to essential organs like eyes, nose, head, or even heart. Such patients should contact their doctor for further advice. They can continue using medicines but in smaller dosages or they may have to look for some alternate medicines.

Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5x is a great option for those who are looking for effective medicine but are afraid of the side effects of finasteride. Because Adonsidil Finstrong does not have any sexual side effects like the finasteride oral tablet. However women can not use these medicine because it can have adverse effects due to heavy dose of finasteride. Adonsidil finstrong is also not advisable to use for beard because it can be harmful on the face.


Now-a-days there is increase in demand for the medicines that contain natural substances. These medicines usually don’t have side effects. Also since these medicines contain plant product. So many of the people who want to go for vegan diet can also use such medicines.

In 2019 a Turkish study has brought a new combination of one such medicine. This combination is widely known as RCP combination. RCP stands for Redensyl, Capixyl and Procapil. Many other countries too have brought this medicine in different combination of Redensyl, Capixyl and Procapil. Along with this main constituents, they also have additional plant based compounds or sometimes it is in combination with minoxidil too.

Ingredients of Grow dense



However, Growdense is the first product in India which has 5% Redensy, 3% Procapil and 0.1% acetyl tetra peptide which is an active ingridient of Capixyl (0.1% acetyl tetra peptide is as effective as 3% Capixyl). Along with these there are 17 other molecules. LCLT, caffeine, L-arginine, melotonin, green apple extract, CU tripeptide, Transcutol (for effective penetration), Procyanidine, Soya isoflavones, nettle root extract, grape seed extract, Horse chest root extract and vitamin E are all available in the solution.

Growdense also has Rosebay extract which helps in condition of sebborheic dermatitis condition. It helps in 10% hair regrowth and covering thinning areas of mid-scalp. It is a great choice for those who want to maintain the condition of their hair. There are 5 molecules for blocking DHT. It also has 2 molecules for helping with blood circulation. Also it has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial molecules. It also has molecules to strengthen the keratin or the hair protien. It also decreases the apostosis of hair follicle and increases anagen phase.

People of all age group can use Growdense. Even females can use this combination. It does not have any side effect either. So it is a best solution for people who are facing primitive pattern baldness. This is an impressive alternative for hair loss treatment in the new era.

In any case always consult your doctor before using any new medicine or product. Whenever you consult a doctor always explain your conditions honestly.