Modern hair loss treatment

Have you ever observed that some of your male as well as female friends, known or relatives are always hesitant to attend any social gathering because of their balding  look. Nowadays, Hair loss is so common that almost 50% male by the age of 30 and almost 25% female by the age of 30 are having some level of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. The situation sometimes makes them desperate to go looking for every new or modern hair loss treatments available.

Their feeling of rejection, depression and low self esteem causes many embarrassing moments in their life. Going into the world where your appearance is your first impression is not always easy. Your hair is the most important part of your first impression. So, to have a fast receding hairline or shining  scalp  in your mid twenties and early thirties is depressing.

 But modern science is offering  solace and lots of hope for such souls. It is offering many treatments that can make such a person’s life hopeful, beautiful and confident. Dazve Chappele once said that Modern problems require modern solutions. In the modern world the cause and cure of our most problems comes from science.

One of the fastest and evergreen fields that has its branches in every nook and corner. So it is only fair to have a scientific solution of the most common yet concerning problem of hair loss. So here are some Modern hair loss treatments.

What are these treatments? 

Modern hair loss treatment are classified on three levels,  Level one is medication, but when medication alone is not enough then comes level two treatment that is procedure is added. Common procedures are PRP( platelet rich plasma), laser therapy and derma roller. In clinical set up this procedures can done. If you have clear baldness, then the last resort is hair transplant.

How Does it work?

A. Medicines
The most fundamental  or basic treatment for hair loss is medication. FDA has approved two medicines that are; Minoxidil and finasteride: 

1. Minoxidil is a very effective drug and is it controls hairloss and make thin hair thick.  Minoxidil is available in various forms and  concentration , like solution , gel foam and in concentration like  2%, 5%, 10% etc;  Males have to apply 1ml twice a day of 5% solution and 2% solution for female. Female also can use 5% but only 1 ml one time a day.

2.Finasteride is a medicine that controls your DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It combines with a molecule called 5- alpha reductase that converts your testosterone into DHT. It is available in tablet form and in combination with Minoxidil topical solution. 1mg tablet one time a day is usual dosage. Sexual side effects are very rare.

3. Multivitamins– To help with deficiency of vitamins and minerals various multivitamins are available. That contains vitamin D3, B12, C, A, etc.

4. Peptide based serum – Combination of many peptide based serums are also very helpful in reducing hair loss. Serums that are good and effective in controlling hair loss are redensyl, procapil, anagain,bicapil, acetyl tetrapeptide 3 , Peptide based serums are very helpful in reducing  hair loss , without any side effects.

5. Hormone therapy: Androgen is the hormone that helps in productivity and growth. It is less in females and more in males. However, increased androgen increases hairloss.

Therefore anti-androgen medication like spironolactone , flutamide, bicalutamide helps in controlling hair loss in females.

B. Procedure

1.  PRP: It stands for platelet rich plasma. Just as the name suggests blood is drawn from a patient’s body like ordinary blood collection procedure and plasma is separated from blood by centrifugation technique and injected in your scalp  to stimulate hair regrowth. They are effective in stopping hair loss and thickening the thin hair .

2. Low level laser therapy: In this technique, laser consists of diodes that help in regrowth of hair. They are as good as minoxidil or finasteride but they don’t have side-effects

3. Derma roller – It is a tool which has needles attached on one end in a drum shape structure . When a patient rolls it on the scalp, it creates injury that helps in hair loss reduction. one can use derma roller once a week.

This means implanting new hair with roots on completely bald areas . Hair with roots is extracted from the back of head which is called donor area because it has good hair quality as compared to bald area. Two types of transplants are very common, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) AND FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). With the advent of FUE it is possible to extract hair with root( graft) from beard, chest, pubic zone and arm pit as well. Every individual is different and so are the solutions to their problems. If you think none of these suits you, there are many more treatments for hair loss to look forward to in near future. This is all about modern hair loss treatment .