Your hair is really the most misunderstood part of your body. It is as good as figuring out what goes on in a woman’s mind. No they are not complicated. It’s just that you misunderstand them. A lot. The difference is that you can shower a woman with sweet words and gifts and avoid disputes. Alas, you can’t do the same for your hair. It’s not that there is nothing to gift your hair. It’s just that you don’t know what to give them. Again, that’s because you misunderstand them.

There are so many misconceptions you will hear from people. All you have to do is ask them the reason for hair loss. But how many of these are true and how many of them are just a misunderstanding? Here are some of the myths we have addressed.

1]Wearing a cap can cause hair loss: This is a very common myth. Some people assume that wearing caps for a long time will cause hair loss. This is because the follicle doesn’t get enough oxygen to breathe. This theory is completely wrong! Because our follicles don’t have a nose to breathe. The follicles receive the oxygen from our blood and not from our surroundings.

2]Shaving head will prevent hair loss: Whenever a guy faces hair loss, the first thing his family member advises him will be to shave his head. Poor guy, it’s only logical that if you shave your head then there will be no hair to lose. Jokes apart, shaving your head has no relation with hair loss. The hair that will come after shaving has the same follicle. So there is no way the condition of new hair will be any different unless you change something in your health.

3]Permanent Treatment for hair loss: When it comes to hair. There is a lot remaining yet to be studied. Permanent treatment for hair loss is available in future only. Whenever you start hair loss treatment you should keep this one thing in mind. Whatever treatment you want to take you will have to continue it for 6 months at least. However, you can’t expect your condition to remain the same or improve. It mostly depends on your overall health along with the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

4]Excess level of testosterone can cause excess hair loss: This is a very common and widely accepted reason for hair loss. However, the complete fact about it is still hidden in the shades of misunderstanding. The level of hormones in the body varies from person to person. However, sensitivity of the enzyme to convert testosterone to DHT is what that makes difference. Usually some percentage of testosterone is converted into DHT as a by-product by 5-alpha reductase. However, when you are sensitive to DHT then this percentage increases and causes hair loss.

5]Your diet has no impact on the health of your hair: This seems more like an excuse by those who are whipped for their taste buds. However, it is only fair that you feed yourself healthier. Keeping your body healthy will obviously keep your hair healthy. After all, your hair is also part of your body itself.

These are just some misconceptions. There are many such theories as we go around. We always get to hear something new every time we meet someone new. However, it won’t help listening to these theories until and unless you try to understand your hair. Also, listen to what your body needs and not what it wants. Till you keep this misunderstanding with your hair, you will keep losing your hair.