Thomas Edison the famous inventor and businessman once said, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with the drugs, but rather will cure & prevent disease with nutrition.”

At Adon Hair Care, our doctors; Dr. Ashok Sinha and Dr. Satyajeet Kangle, who are dedicatedly to bring best treatment for future are truly doctors of future. It is because of them Adon Hair care is coming with a new multivitamin kit for preventing hair loss. Because we at Adon know that any treatment without sufficient nutrients is like a horse without reins.

Eating instant 2 minutes food has become a norm. These food carry the essential vitamins and mineral only in the ingredient table of the packet. It would have been amazing if we could just eat instant noodles and control hair loss, Right? But mom’s dal and rice still hold the throne when it comes to your health. Mom is the best doctor. Or maybe not. Mom knows what is good for you but doctor knows what is good for your health.

When you start treatment for hair, multivitamins should be chosen wisely. Usually multivitamins contain all the vitamin together, which is not good for body. Few vitamins and minerals present in one combination can be harmful for us. For example, calcium and Iron; these minerals should not be taken together as calcium interferes with iron absorption. Also, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 are known to have this kind of interaction. Vitamin C reduces the amount of Vitamin B12 in the body when they are taken together. This kind of interactions causes loss of necessary vitamins. So while choosing a multivitamin one should see to it that they are not taking such vitamins together.

For this purpose a cyclical therapy has been introduced where such nutrient interaction are avoided. Such concepts can be said as the progressive initiative for future of hair loss medicines. In this cyclical therapy the vitamins or minerals that conflict with each other are given on separate days and same cycle repeats in a weekly manner. This helps in avoiding nutrient interaction and provide you with all the necessary nutrition in safe and effective method. You can find these medicine on Adon hair care website.


The fruits and vegetables in our home are not farm fresh. You can say they lose their charm on their journey from farm to fridge. Also, the method of cooking now-a-days has changed. The food cooked in the pressure lose the important and much needed minerals under pressure. Microwaved food are easier to cook but they are hard on your health. Our weekend hotel visits draws us far from health and close to vitamin deficiency. This brings up the need for multivitamin support to fulfil nutritional deficiency of your body. You might care for you your hair a lot but when there is nutritional deficiency, Hair are the least cared for part of your body. So in case of nutrient deficiency your hair start shedding as their nutritional demands are neglected for other essential process of your body.This is where need for multivitamin comes.